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List of Germans who resisted Nazism Wikipedia This list contains the names of individuals involved in the German resistance to Nazism, but is not a complete list.Names are periodically added, but not all names are known. There are both men and women on this list of Widerstandskämpfer ("Resistance fighters") primarily German, some Austrian or from elsewhere, who risked or lost their lives in a number of ways.

Otto Wolff Wikipedia Otto Wolff AG was a German steelmaker founded in Cologne by the industrialists Otto Wolff and Ottmar E. Strauß in 1904. One of the largest businesses in pre-war Germany, it exists today as an independent subsidiary of the ThyssenKrupp group.. History. Otto Wolff Eisengroßhandel was founded in Cologne in 1904 by Otto Wolff and Ottmar E. Strauß as a steel trading and steel wrecking company.

List of admirals of Germany Wikipedia Admirals of Germany have existed since the founding of German sea forces, first with the Reichsflotte and then most predominantly that of the Prussian Navy. German admirals led the German Navy through World War I, as leaders of the Imperial German Navy, as

German Tool Brands List German Tool Reviews German Tool Brands. Here is a list that I have gathered of the German brand tools. The general rules that I follow for listing a company/brand here is: Their HQ must be in Germany; The majority of their products should be manufactured in the greater European Union. This is by no means a comprehensive or 100% accurate list of German Tool Brands.

House of Welf Wikipedia The House of Welf (also Guelf or Guelph) is a European dynasty that has included many German and British monarchs from the 11th to 20th century and Emperor Ivan VI of Russia in the 18th century.

How To Germany Searching for Your German Ancestors Some German civil records date back to Napoleonic times, but others only go back to around the 1870s, which might be too late for many people. Church records, however, go back as far as the 15th century. Cemeteries in Germany aren't as useful as they are in the states. Burial lots here are leased for a specific number of years and if the lease

Bad Sobernheim Wikipedia Bad Sobernheim is a town in the Bad Kreuznach district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.It belongs to the like-named Verbandsgemeinde, and is also its seat.It is a state-recognized spa town, and is well known for two fossil discovery sites and for the naturopath Emanuel Felke.Bad Sobernheim is also a winegrowing town.

Last Diary Entry Written by Otto Wolf — United States Otto Wolf (1927–1945), a Czech Jewish teenager, chronicled his family's experience living in hiding in rural Moravia during World War II. His journal began on June 22, 1942, the day he and his family escaped from an assembly center in Olomouc, Moravia, where they had been taken for deportation to Theresienstadt. Otto's last diary entry is

Online German Emigration Records and Lists German Roots Online German Emigration Records, Lists and Indexes. Note: "Emigration" means "to leave." These are records (or indexes to the records) of people who left Germany for somewhere else (usually North America). Emigration lists can be helpful for determining place of birth or residence, and the year or date someone left Germany. Names of spouses and children are sometimes included. Here is a list

Otto Group: Corporate Website The Otto Group wants an interdisciplinary discussion of how to handle digitisation responsibly. After all, it’s no less than a digital transformation that, at its best, will be of great use to people and open up a new chapter in this field. Three articles from the Otto Group Annual Report 2018/19, which is available online, explain what this

Timeline of Events 1942–1945 — United States Holocaust Page from Otto Wolf’s Diary April 17, 1945. First entry by Felicitas, Otto Wolf's sister, who continued writing in Otto's diary after his disappearance. Evacuation of Prisoners from Sachsenhausen April 20, 1945. The SS evacuates prisoners on foot from Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Image Available; US Forces Liberate Flossenbürg April 23

Lesson: Learn the History: Hiding in Otto Wolf's Diary Introduce students to portraits of the Wolf family in the gallery below. Have students do a close read of Otto Wolf's Diary Entries on Life during the Holocaust from June 24 and 25, 1942, July 4, 1942, and August 25, 1942. Ask students to share words or ideas that were unfamiliar, and then discuss in small groups how these entries offer insight into life in hiding.

Karl Wolff Wikipedia Karl Friedrich Otto Wolff was born the son of a wealthy district court magistrate in Darmstadt on 13 May 1900. During World War I he graduated from school in 1917, volunteered to join the Imperial German Army (Leibgarde-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 115) and served on the Western Front. He rose to the rank of lieutenant and was awarded both the Iron Cross second class and first class.

OTTO GARNE History Otto with a doubling mill in Dietenheim, Germany. 1946 Incorporation of a yarn dyehouse with a mercerizing compartment. 1961/62 Building of a ring spinning mill. 1990 Spinning Mill I was extended by another Spinning Mill II which is today on of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe 1994/95 Gebr. Otto is the first spinning mill in

German Gun Makers & Dealers A-E German Hunting Guns Today’s Gun Makers, Engravers and Dealers of German Hunting Guns Most of the traditional bolt-action rifles and combination guns are still made today, but the following changes and trends are apparent: Prices of German factory made guns are in general higher than equal models in the United States but usually offer more custom features.Guns made to order by some factories and the smaller

Otto Waalkes Drei Sketche 1980 YouTube 11/10/2013· Otto Waalkes Drei Sketche 1980 1. Berufsberatung 2. Tatortkommissar 3. Rotkäppchen und der Wolf.

Children's Diaries during the Holocaust The Holocaust Otto Wolf (1927-1945) was a Czech Jewish teenager who chronicled his family's experience living in hiding in rural Moravia during World War II. US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Felicitas Wolf Garda. These children remained physically concealed for a significant portion, or for the entirety, of their time in hiding. Youngsters often

Top 50 German Proverbs and Sayings List Learn my top 50 German proverbs and German sayings and sound like a native German in no time! Top 50 German Proverbs (Please bear in mind, literal translations of the German proverbs are provided in brackets where the English proverbs use significantly different words.)

Survival in Hiding Facing History and Ourselves On April 18, 1945, Soviet prisoners of war who were helping the German army conducted a raid on the village where the Wolfs were hiding. Searching for resistance fighters, they captured Otto Wolf and 22 other men. Otto’s family left the village to hide in the forest. His sister Felicitas immediately took over writing in the diary, believing

The Stealthy U-Boat Attack That Crippled Britain YouTube 15/07/2016· Under the cover of night in October 1940, German U-99 submarines ambushed an Allied convoy en route to Britain with supplies. Beyond the tragic aftermath, this stealthy strategy had a

Teaching Salvaged Pages: Young Writers' Diaries of the Teaching "Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust" provides primary sources and lesson plans for language arts and history teachers to complement Alexandra Zapruder's award winning collection of diaries written by young people during the Holocaust. Some of the writers were refugees, others were in hiding or passing as non-Jews, some were imprisoned in ghettos, and nearly all

Ring Rolling OTTO FUCHS KG OTTO FUCHS has been a supplier of components made of nickel and titanium alloys for aircraft turbines for many years. The rings required for turbines are produced on a separate ring rolling mill. Where appropiate, the rings are then in part drop forged, heat treated and processed using customer-specific machining techniques. Rings made from

Otto of Greece Wikipedia Otto was born as Prince Otto Friedrich Ludwig of Bavaria at Schloss Mirabell in Salzburg (when it briefly belonged to the Kingdom of Bavaria), as the second son of Crown Prince Ludwig I of Bavaria and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. His father served there as the Bavarian governor-general.

Family Histories Genealoger The earliest Otto ancestor found was Carl C. Otto, who was born in Pomerania, Prussia in 1816. He migrated to the United States with his wife and youngest child. He settled in Wisconsin and then moved to Iowa where he spent the rest of his life. Includes Driessel, Otto, Roth, Engel, Muser and related families.

University of Bamberg Wikipedia The University of Bamberg (German: Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg) in Bamberg, Germany, specializes in the Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Economics and

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Wolff, Karl Friedrich Otto "Karele" "Wolffie" WW2 Gravestone Wolff, Karl Friedrich Otto “Karele” “Wolffie”, born 13-05-1900 to a privileged family in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. His father was a district court judge in the Hessian town of Butzbach, who called him “Karele”, which stayed Karl’s nickname until his death in 1984.

Maker Marks German Daggers Edged Weapon Blade Marks The blades of edged weapons can carry various types of identifying marks. Issue stamps, acceptance stamps, and serial numbers are sometimes seen. Probably the most important marks for the collector are Maker Marks and Distributor Marks. Maker Marks identify the manufacturer of the blade. Distributor Marks identify the

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